Architects' houses in Brussels

late 18th until the 20th century

Architects' houses in Brussels

late 18th until the 20th century

Architects' houses in Brussels

late 18th until the 20th century

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Architects' houses (and ateliers) in Brussels from the late 18    until the 20    century

Master thesis / 2015-2016

Based on the properties of these houses, architects' personal houses often have special significance and value, even still today. Henceforth, it is all the more surprising that architects’ houses in Brussels were hardly studied and valorized, with a few notable exceptions like Victor Horta’s first house in Sint-Gillis. Therefore, in 2016, I have drafted an exhaustive register on architects' houses in the context my master thesis, including 252 houses designed and occupied by architects in the Brussels Capital Region, in order to get a grip on this particular type of housing in Brussels. This register is the first in his kind, encompassing the whole territory of the capital region and spanning a large period of time (from the late 18th century until the 1970s). Furthermore, this extensive list was analyzed based on the characteristics of these houses and several cases were selected to be investigated in detail.




Upcoming /     Keynote lecture of the 3rd edition of the Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture [BBMA], CIVA

2 October 2018

Keynote lecture 'The architect's house: more than a home': Architects' houses in Brussels will be presented within the broader framework established in the research, and particular (inter-)nationale case studies will be discussed.


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Past /  Symposium: ‘Activism at Home: Architects’ own houses as sites of resistance’, University of Manchester

15-16 January 2018

During the symposium, the paper entitlted: "Shaping modernism in Brussels: Victor Bourgeois, Adrien Blomme & PaulAmaury Michel and their personal residences" was presented.

Past /  30th Joint Doctoral Seminar in History and Theory of Architecture, ULB – La Cambre Faculty of Architecture,

19 December 2017

Presentation - Lightning Talk: Architects' houses in Brussels (1830-1970). Strategies for valorisation.


Past /   EAHN 5th Thematic Conference: The Tools of the Architect, TU Delft

22-24 November 2017

A paper was presented during this conference entitled: "Brussels Architects’ Houses as a Tool for the Architect During the Belle Époque: Full-Scale Business Cards to Showcase Expertise".

Past /    Research Seminar VUB

30 May 2017

On Tuesday May 30, the annual research seminar of the Reuse research team was organized It was a full program, as nine doctoral students and one post-doctoral researcher of the ReUse research team will present their research to their colleagues and supervisors. Dr. Wido Quist will travel from TUDelft to the VUB to look at the research with fresh eyes.

Past /   Fourth Annual Construction History Society Conference (Cambridge)

7-9 April 2017

During the 4th annual conference on Construction History, I presented my paper on "Material Experiments in Architects’ Houses. The Case of Louis Herman De Koninck’s House in Brussels (1923-24/1968)". The paper is available in the proceedings on p.375-386.

Past /   Workshop Artists' Houses ULB

24 March 2017

I was invited to give a presentation on the relation between the architect's house and studio during this workshop.

The architect’s house, the home the architect builds for himself, is a tool more powerful than one would imagine at first. As being the client, as well as the designer, the architect has hardly any constraints during the design and construction process, besides his own wishes. He can use his own house for instance as a unique opportunity for a technological or architectural experiment and cultivate his sense of “entrepreneurial daring” to the fullest. The house can also become a manifest, a pilot project, a masterpiece or turning point in the architect his career. Thereby it represents the best possible business card within the profession. 

Architects' houses in Brussels. Strategies for valorization

PhD research / 2017-2020

This project will continue on the research of the master thesis and will define the characteristics and qualities of architects’ houses in Brussels and develop strategies for qualitative renovation and restoration projects, as well as various paths for the valorization of this heritage. In addition, best practices, new restoration techniques and recommendations will be put forward for experts as well as for owners and other stakeholders. 

Profile of the researcher

Linsy Raaffels

Ir. Arch. Linsy Raaffels (°1993), is a PhD researcher at the Architectural Engineering Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). She obtained her degree as Master of Science in Architectural Engineering in 2016 and started in January 2017 on a research project 'Doctiris' supported by Innoviris on 'Architects’ houses in Brussels. Strategies for valorization' in collaboration with B. Van der Wee Architects and under the supervision of prof. dr. Inge Bertels (VUB) and prof. dr. Stephanie Van de Voorde (VUB). This project directly builds on het master thesis: Architects' houses (and ateliers) in Brussels from the late 18th until the 20th century'.