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Colophon was initially created within the framework of the Doctiris research project "Architects' houses in Brussels. Strategies for Valorisation" (Applied PhD), subsidized by the Brussels-Capital Region - Innovris and performed by Linsy Raaffels at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in collaboration with Barbara Van der Wee Architects BVBA. The content of the website is directly based on the project's outcomes and aims to open the results of the research to the broader public and to distribute the obtained insights and best practices among all stakeholders involved, including researchers, architects, policy makers, owners, heritage orgainsations, etc.


The website is still evolving and expanding, for instance with the set-up and distribution of the hands-on toolkit from the summer of 2021 onwards. In addition, the creators aspire to further develop the website into a central knowledge and valorisation platform for architects' houses in Brussels (and beyond), and continue to enrich both the research aspects of the website (including the register), as well as the "explore" sections with upcoming events and recent publications. 

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Webdesign: Linsy Raaffels

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