"Business cards of stone, timber and concrete"

June 2020 - Dutch version; November 2020 - English version (Article Bulletin KNOB)

In june 2020 our article: "Business cards in stone, timber and concrete" was published in the Bulletin of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Oudheidkundige Bond. In the article we  assess the significance of the architect’s house as a specific building type and reflect on the characteristics that distinguish this project from other buildings. Based on these characteristics, three architects' houses were studied in depth to better grasp their representative value and their functioning as a business card for the architect.


Documentary series: "Het huis van de architect"

Autumn 2019 (Bruzz TV and

This documentary series of ten was created in collaboration with Marjon Udo for Bruzz TV. The series sheds light on both renowned and lesser known architects’ houses while offering a unique view on the houses through the lens of the current owners' expierence. The houses were built between 1900 and 1986, ranging in style from Art Nouveau to Modernism. Some of the houses were already beautifully restored, others are on the verge of restoration today and are therefore recorded prior to any intervention.


"Wij wonen in een schitterend gefaald experiment"

9 October 2019 (Article Bruzz)

In the framework of the Bruzz series, Marjon Udo also published an article in which we zoom in on several of the included houses; because designing the house you live in yourself, often solely remains a fantasy for many. Yet, for architects this usually becomes reality. Architects Luc Schuiten and Peter Swinnen elucidate on their love for their own house, and the owner of the personal home of architect Fritz Seeldrayers in Sint-Gillis offers us a sneak peak behind the ongoing restoration project.

"Er is meer dan Horta in de hoofdstad"

19 April 2017 (Article Knack Weekend)

The research on architects’ houses in Brussels was picked up by Knack Weekend by virtue of my application to the ‘Vlaamse Scriptieprijs 2016’. This is an annual contest for which young graduates have to write a fluent journalistic article (1000 words) on their master thesis. In addition, remarkable research is promoted to the press and publishers. In the article dedicated to my research, my master thesis is elaborated and some lesser known architects’ houses receive special attention.

"Zelf bouwen? Daar hebben we het geld niet voor"

25 February 2017 (Article De Standaard)

The research on architects’ houses in Brussels between the late 18th and the 20th century was picked up by the Flemish newspaper De Standaard. The architectural historical research is complemented with interviews of contemporary architects such as Leo Van Broeck. Until today architects continue to innovate and experiment with their personal houses. Nevertheless, today more architects tend to reside in an apartment or to renovate instead of designing a new construction. 


"Architectenwoningen ontrafeld"

2 February 2017 (Article Bruzz)

The research on architects’ houses in Brussels was picked up by Bruzz. Within the article I explain how I composed my inventory and what the qualities of these remarkable houses are. Also the design part of my thesis is discussed. It is important to communicate the qualities of this heritage to raise public awareness. Because of the expected increase in population and the growing pressure on the urban space, the time is now to document these architectural gems.

Linsy Raaffels receives Doctiris grant

January 2017 - December 2020

In 2016 I received a Doctiris grant with which the Brussels Innoviris agency aspires stimulating collaboration between academics and professionals. My research, "Architects’ houses in Brussels. Strategies for valorization" examines architects’ houses and identifies the characteristics and qualities of these houses and elaborates strategies for restorations and renovations under the supervision of prof. Inge Bertels and prof. Stephanie Van de Voorde (VUB), and Barbara Van der Wee Architects. 

Awarded the Brussels Studies Institute Award 2016

25 November 2016

During the Night of Knowledge on Brussels 2016, I was awarded the Brussels Studies Institute Award 2016 for my master thesis on Architects' houses (and ateliers) in Brussels from the late 18th until the 20th century. This prize awards the master thesis that contributed the most to a better understanding of our Capital Region. In addition, I had the opportunity to present my work during the Night of Knowledge on Brussels with a 10 minutes presentation in front of a broad audience. 

Selected as a finalist for the ie-net prizes 2016

17 November 2016

Out of 51 entries for the engineering prizes in Flanders and Brussels 2016, I was selected as one of the finalists within the category of civil engineering. The ie-net prizes award the most meritorious graduation works from the various engineering educations in Flanders and Brussels. The prizes are awarded by both the public and a professional jury. The jury grades the works based on a poster presentation by the finalist themselves. 

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