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Guided tour: "Goedele Desmet en Ivo Vanhamme"

20 December 2020 (Guided interior tour by Korei)

In collaboration with Korei, a series of visitis to architects' houses is planned for 2020-2021. The first one to kick off this series is the co-housing project by Goedele Smet and Ivo Vanhamme in Anderlecht. In 2003, they transformed a former industrial building in several housing units. There is one communal garden and every resident also has a private outdoor area, such as a balcony, patio and roof terrace. In total there are 14 flats and on the street side there are shops, an architectural office and a place for yoga.

"Maak een virtuele wandeling langs architectenwoningen in Brussel"

22 November 2020 (Dag van de Wetenschap)

In collaboration with Scriptie vzw, a virtual walking tour along architects' houses in the Brussels Capital Region was created in the framework of the Dag van de Wetenschap 2020. During this virtual walk, I take you along fifteen of my favorite architects' houses  built both by known and unknown architects. During the walk we travel over 30 kilometers in the Brussels Capital Region in about half an hour.


Two guided tours of architects' houses @ "Reliving Modern isms"

October 2020 (4th Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture)

In October 2020, the personal residence of Pierre Humblet (which was featured on the event poster) was for the first time opened to the public during the fourth Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture. In light of the success of the visit to the private apartment of Simone Guillissen-Hoa during the 2018 edition, also this architect's house was once again feautred as one of the guided visits during the event.  


"Architectenwoningen in de Kasteleinwijk"

24 November 2019 (Dag van de Wetenschap)

In 2019, we took the visitors of the Dag van de Wetenschap for a walk along the personal houses of various known and unknown architects in the Kastelijnwijk. At the turn of the century, this neighbourhood was buzzing with construction activity and many architects undoubtedly left their mark on it - not in the least with their personal residences but also with various other projects in the district, such as the ones they desighned for befriended artists. 


CIVA Talks: "Out of the box"

26 April 2019 (CIVA seminar)

In the context of the exhibition Out of the Box, CIVA invited young researchers who insensively scrutinezed certain parts of the archive collection to present their results to the public. Our presentation focused on the funds that included documantation on architects' their own houses and was entitled: "The architect who shapes his own home: from first pencil stroke to build realisation". During the presentation we especially elaborated on the amount and diversity of the archival documents.



"Living in Modern isms. Architects' own houses"

October  2018 (3rd Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture)

In October 2018, we co-organised the 3rd edition of the Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture, which focussed on architects’ houses in Brussels. A rich program of events, such as film screenings, visits to archives and guided tours to a selection of pivately owned architects' houses was established. Furthermore, we were appointed as author of the event publication and opened the Biennale on the 2nd of October in CIVA with a key-note lecture on the topic: The architect’s House: More than a Home.