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The website is based on my, Linsy Raaffels, graduation project at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, called: "Architects' houses in Brussels: from the late 18th until the 20th century", in order to be awarded the degree in Architectural Engineering under the supervision of prof. dr. Inge Bertels and prof. dr. Stephanie Van de Voorde. Within the master thesis also a valorization project of the private residence of Louis Herman De Koninck: "An everlasting experiment made public" is incorporated as a design project under the supervision of prof. dr. Jonas Lindekens. This website is created in order to open the results of the research to the broader public and thereby increase awareness on this specific housing type. Currently the website is further being evolved within the framework of my doctoral research "Architects' houses in Brussels. Strategies for Valorisation" in collaboration with Barbara Van der Wee Architecten BVBA. 

Several experts in the field have shared their knowledge and expertise to improve and steer the research. Therefore, I would like to address special thanks to the staff of CIVA, the staff of the documentation centre of Urban.Brussels, and all other archivists of the municipal archives for taking the time to guide me around in the archives. Moreover, I also wish to express by gratitude to Jo Braeken, Linda Van Santvoort, Tatiana Dubroux, Maarten Vandijck and especially to Tom Verhofstadt of Urban.Brussels as they shared their expertise with me through multiple interviews and e-mails. In addition, I want to express a special thanks to the various owners I met during my research for their interest in the project and their hospitality to guide me around their private homes. Moreover, I would like to thank all my PhD promotors, Inge Bertels, Stephanie Van de Voorde and Barbara Van Der Wee for their guidance, encouragement and continuous confidence, as well as my parents, Diane De Clippeleir and Alexander Raaffels, and my boyfriend, Sam De Coster, for their endless support.

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